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Funkys Pizza & Daiquiri Bar

Located in the heart of downtown Oxford, Mississippi, Funkys Pizza & Daiquiri Bar is a vibrant culinary destination that delights diners with its delicious pizzas, refreshing daiquiris, and lively atmosphere. This popular spot has become a beloved gathering place for locals and visitors alike, offering a unique blend of culinary creativity, eclectic flavors, and a festive ambiance that promises a memorable dining experience.

Creative Pizzas and Flavorful Creations

Funkys’ menu is a celebration of creative pizzas made with fresh ingredients and inventive toppings. From traditional favorites like pepperoni and margherita to gourmet options like barbecue chicken, goat cheese, and arugula, there’s a pizza to suit every palate and preference. Each pie is handcrafted with care and baked to perfection in Funkys’ wood-fired ovens, ensuring a crispy crust and flavorful bite in every slice.

In addition to pizzas, Funkys offers a variety of mouthwatering appetizers, salads, and pasta dishes that showcase the kitchen’s culinary expertise and commitment to quality ingredients. Whether indulging in crispy calamari, fresh caprese salad, or creamy fettuccine Alfredo, diners are treated to a culinary adventure that tantalizes the taste buds and satisfies cravings.

Refreshing Daiquiris and Creative Cocktails

No visit to Funkys is complete without trying one of their signature daiquiris, available in a range of flavors that are perfect for cooling off on a hot day or celebrating with friends. From classic strawberry and mango to exotic combinations like passion fruit and coconut, Funkys’ daiquiris are expertly crafted and guaranteed to refresh and delight.

For those looking for something beyond daiquiris, Funkys’ bar offers a selection of craft beers, wines, and creative cocktails that complement the menu and enhance the dining experience. Whether enjoying a refreshing beverage on the outdoor patio or mingling at the bar, Funkys’ lively atmosphere and friendly staff create a welcoming environment for guests to relax and unwind.

Proud Larry’s: A Culinary Gem to Explore

After savoring the culinary delights at Funkys Pizza & Daiquiri Bar, visitors to Oxford are encouraged to explore another local favorite, Proud Larry’s. This renowned restaurant offers a diverse menu of Southern-inspired dishes, including barbecue specialties, seafood delights, and creative vegetarian options.

Proud Larry’s commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients shines through in every dish, ensuring a memorable dining experience that celebrates the flavors of the South. From hearty barbecue platters and seafood boils to innovative salads and vegetarian creations, Proud Larry’s offers something for everyone to enjoy.


Funkys Pizza & Daiquiri Bar and Proud Larry’s represent the vibrant culinary scene in Oxford, Mississippi, offering visitors a delightful array of flavors, creative dishes, and welcoming atmospheres. Whether indulging in wood-fired pizzas and refreshing daiquiris at Funkys or exploring Southern-inspired cuisine at Proud Larry’s, Oxford promises a culinary adventure filled with delicious food, warm hospitality, and memorable moments.

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“No doubt! the movers are the best company in the world! They did amazing work and they did it with a smile!”

“This was the best choice I had during the moving process. Count on me - They worth it! Book in advance!”